Best Hookup Apps 2020

Best Hookup Apps 2020

The Best Hookup Apps That Work

A lot of people visit sites for online dating and hookups, in the hopes that they can find users who’re in the mood. Sometimes, it can be a pain to visit sites on your phone. Navigating is slower, and it’s irritating when you accidentally press a button.

Online dating sites are becoming a modern trend, where connecting is done through social media platforms.

With modernization and technology taking over, online hookup apps are on the rise. With that, online leisure is only a few clicks away. Most casual sex sites have developed their own mobile apps to keep their numbers. This ensures loyalty as well as excellent customer satisfaction if you know what we mean.

A lot of these have been developed for the last decades and are worth-mentioning on our top hookup apps 2020. These apps have various features that cater to various users’ preferences. As mentioned, just a few clicks away and you’re in! A lot of these are available on both Android and IOS so you won’t have any problem with compatibility.

Below are the top best hookup apps 2020.


One major problem of dating apps is fake profiles. It’s only apparent that this app, like others, will fall victim to posers. People are tired of scams and phony profiles. So some don’t even bother to try hookup apps that work.

Fortunately, SnapSext prepared itself for that. They have developed a fraud team to support the members who’re concerned about fake profiles. You don’t have to worry about scammers ever again!

It’s also easy to register your account. They even have tips and tutorials for new users.

The app mainly focuses on visual content such as pictures and videos. This makes it entertaining and provocative. Not only that, but it also offers video and group chat as well.



When joining, you’ll have to agree to their three main rules. One is to keep quiet when you see someone familiar. Two, always respect your fellow members. And three, if meeting up with a member, both should be responsible for safe sex. This makes sure that you won’t have any issues with pregnancies or STDs.

These sets of rules give members the assurance that everyone is on board with each other’s interests and precautions.

On the other hand, its convenient interface offers a section for both men and women. You can have unlimited access to members’ photos. If you find someone you like, you can instantly send them a message.

The app also has a detailed search feature that allows you to find the specific partner you’re looking for. 



Who hasn’t heard of Tinder? It is one of the famous social media platforms that have the largest pool of members. It’s also one of the best hookup apps that work.

Tinder is very simple to use. It suggests a pool of potential candidates near your area. All you need to do is swipe right if you’re interested, and if not, swipe left. With Tinder, you don’t need to do the browsing, because the app does it for you.

Keep in mind though that it isn’t easy. You can only get matched with another user if both of you swiped right on each other’s profiles. This makes sure that both parties find each other interesting.

Don’t worry, with the large pool of users, there are different kinds of people to meet. There are those looking for different relationships. Either romantic, casual, or hookups, and sometimes, marriage.

It also has premium features. The price depends on how old you are, so the older you are, the more expensive it’ll be.



One of the best hookup apps 2020 since it’s simple, easy to understand, and is user-friendly. The concept of this is that women have to message first. So, women, you won’t have to worry about men sending unsolicited dick pictures. This ensures that messages end up with active chats and the conversation keeps going. You’ll be busy talking to them all night!

Another feature is that it has a separate dating function and friendship function. This is ideal for users who’re interested in developing friendships first. Because let’s face it, some of us are very traditional when it comes to finding a date.

Also, if a member you sent a message to doesn’t respond, the app automatically drops the chat box after a few days. It automatically cleans your inbox for you! Handy, right?

With a lot of hookup apps that work, it’s inherent that you’ll find a lot of ads. If you’re tired of seeing heavy apps then worry not. This app isn’t pushy for reviews and subscriptions. So you’ll get the peace and quiet you deserve while browsing.



With blender climbing its way to the top, it’s no wonder it’s considered one of the best hookup apps 2020. One of its perks is, it’s rare to find fake profiles in this app. 

Another is, account creation is totally free and easy. You can easily find people near your location and is great at meeting lots of friends. Good news for horny socialites.

Chatting and speaking to people through the app is free. Which makes it its biggest advantage. Although, It also offers a feature where you can buy users gifts. Show your appreciation and effort, and they’ll come ogling over you.

Not only that, but the app creators also do a really good job in Blender. They’re really serious about protecting their users from fake profiles and other illegal actions. You could easily get blocked when someone reports you. That’s how Blender deeply cares about customer satisfaction.



A very functional app where you could get to choose what you want. You could choose between dating and hooking up. 

Its simple interface and ease of navigation are great for people who like to do things fast. So if you’re a busy man, Down might be the hookup app for you.

Just register and fill in your profile. Once your account is all set, you just need to pick the age range and location. These basic factors will affect your searches, giving you potential matches. It also has a huge number of people using it, like Tinder. Rest assured, you’ll be able to meet a lot of people due to its vast pool of users..


Coffee Meets Bagel

Like traditional dating, this app gives you plenty of time getting to know people. You can start asking questions, then establishing friendships first. Once you do, you can exchange and give each other access to your information. A digital way of opening up to someone you’ve met online.

Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the easy to use apps. It gives you the option to message members, for free! You don’t need to pay for memberships and subscriptions.

This app is for the more serious users though. If you’re looking for a romantic, serious, relationship rather than a plain hookup, this app is for you.

Though the downside is you won’t have a swamp of candidates right off the bat. But the high-quality matches they provide sure makes up for it. This will make you really want to look through each profile you set your eyes on.



A notable feature this app has is its crossed location feature. It gives you the chance to meet people who have similarly been to places you’ve visited. This feature is ideal for users who live in a big city since distance is an extremely important factor.

It’s a great way to discover people who’re on your path. Ideal for users who’re looking for some quick fun time, with strings attached, or not.

The downside to Happn is, messaging is not free. But that shouldn’t let you from taking your chances. After all, multiple meetups are way more expensive than buying for message credits.



When registering, the app showcases a multiple-choice online form. This ensures better, accurate matching. It gauges compatibility by analyzing the answers you’ve chosen. So you won’t have to worry about disagreeing with a stranger.

It also offers the most diversity when it comes to options. So if you have a particular taste, you’re chances aren’t zero.

Its basic services are highly functional, and the app is easy to navigate as well.

This app is obviously the best choice for making meaningful connections. It’s one of many best hookup apps 2020 for people who’re genuinely trying to find a date or making new friends.


Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is free when it comes to messaging potential matches. It allows ease of back and forth messaging. Rest assured, your conversations won’t stop. Unlike other money-hungry apps, this app is rather straightforward with its services. They’re not just after the cash.

It’s one of the few hookup apps that work that has plenty of room for writing your own bio. You’ll be able to express yourself freely.

Also, their customer support service is really responsive.


Try the Best Hookup Apps 2020 for Yourself

Apps have been taking the world by storm. may it be communication apps, games, or even dating apps, you’re sure to have some of them on your phone.

With our list of the best hookup apps 2020, you’re assured of easy navigation. You can even take the apps anywhere you go.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, register, and find your partner now!