Surefire Tips in Asking for Snapchat Nudes

Surefire Tips in Asking for Snapchat Nudes

Let’s face it, men, porn can be very tiring and repetitive. Seeing muscular men, and big, silicone breasted women doing the same routine over and over can get boring. Which is why you want to spice things up, and look for genuine nudes instead.

Nudes are a blessing the internet and modern digitization have bestowed upon us. Most men in relationships get to ask for them all the time. But if you’re a lonely single who prefers playtime over a commitment, then asking Snapchat nudes might be the best option for you.

Now you must be asking, why choose Snapchat nudes?

Well, it’s inherent that the majority of people asking for nudes are men. Men are really thirsty, after all. You can see them plaguing social media asking for nudes, everywhere. No offense to the men out there reading this.

The point is, it’s very rare to find a woman who wants to get nudes from strangers online. Women are known to be very private when it comes to their bodies.

This is where Snapchat comes in.

You’ve probably heard of Instagram, Facebook, and Viber. Now you’re asking, why choose Snapchat instead of famous platforms? Won’t my chances be higher there since the member base is huge? That’s a good point.

But the thing is, the pictures you take on those platforms get saved to your mobile devices. The people you send them to can save them as well. As all of you may know, women are very worried about their privacy. They don’t want to end up famous for having their nudes posted shared and posted by strangers they met online. 

The advantage of Snapchat is, you can set a certain time for your snap to disappear. After that, your snap is gone forever. Kind of like magic, right?

Although, there is a loophole to this. A person can just screenshot the snap posted. To counter this, Snapchat enabled notifications if a person takes a screenshot of a snap. Then, you can act accordingly.


How to Ask for Snapchat Nudes.

Whether you’re new or you’ve done this before, asking for Snapchat nudes can be quite tricky. After all, it’s not a walk in the park since women are very complicated magical beings. Luckily for you, we’ve written a few tips to get your game on.


Don’t be Too Straightforward

Again, Girls aren’t as into sending nudes as men are. So you’ll have to bet in some time and effort here. Don’t be down about it, the prize is definitely worth it. Be very patient since women have their guard up most of the time. 

Keep in mind that women don’t want to feel cheap. They want to feel important and adored.

If you go for the classic “I want to see your boobs”, or “send me a picture of that pussy” phrase, then get ready to be blocked. You might even get reported. You see, women find it very unattractive and creepy if a guy pops out of nowhere asking for some nudes. 

They also especially hate it if they’re caught off guard by unsolicited dick pics. No one wants to see or be seen with a stranger’s peen in public.

The rationale for this is, women might not be in their homes. They might be out with some friends, at an important event, or attending an important meeting. Sometimes, they’re just simply not in the mood.

Instead, make a good first impression and be thoughtful. Send her a message that’ll definitely pique her interest. Like, adding a bit of mystery to your chat. After all, women like mysterious men. This way, she’ll get curious, and you can get to converse. If you’re really going for that gold nude, you should invest some time chatting with her.

A trick to mention is to make her feel interesting to talk. You can start by mentioning that you’re chatting her while doing something important. It could be while you’re studying, doing a few errands, or maybe some chores. This can convince her that you’re really interested in spending time talking to her.

Don’t forget to establish boundaries though. If it’s a friendship or a good short time you want with her, be clear about it. Women will value your honesty and respect it if you’re firm with your intentions.


Build Trust

Once you two have gotten comfortable with each other, try to open up more. Women love being listened to. Try asking them about what they do during their days off, their hobbies, what kind of music they listen to, what bothers them, and anything else they may want to talk about. They’ll see you as a fun person to talk to and might even initiate the conversation at times.

Another thing women adore is a man’s capability to be open about himself. Try to be vulnerable about yourself and share a few secrets. You can start with things that make you upset, as well as insecurities you have. Don’t force yourself if you don’t want to, just share anything you’re comfortable with. You might even have a lot of things in common.

Once you’ve built trust with your chatmate, you can try to get intimate. Send her a few cute emojis or stickers that’ll make her heart go “thump”. Women like a bit of femininity in men. Send her a few good mornings and goodnights.

You can also drop in hints like how you want to see her and her body. Keep in mind that you have to be firm that you’re only seeking friendship with her. We don’t want her falling in love and taking you seriously. Although if that’s your goal, then good for you.

If you’re confident she’s opening up to you, you can ask for her nudes in exchange for your nudes, like a swap for a swap. Be very reassuring that you won’t mess things up for her by sharing or posting her nudes.

This is also for your own safety. Since you could get reported or even sued.

Don’t forget to be as courteous as you can be. Try not to offend her. Who knows, she might send you a few more nudes in the future!


Try Sexting

If you want to keep your no-strings-attached relationship going, compliment her and she’ll want to satisfy you with her services. As for men who’re having luck with their chatmates in love, then this part will be easier for you.

You can ask her politely if she wants to try sexting. Be sure that she’s in the mood before you do anything though. Again, women don’t like being caught off guard. But don’t worry, if she’s a newbie willing to try, you can just teach her. This can turn her on a bit more and it makes things sexier.

You can experiment as well, try and send nudes while sexting. This will make your late-night sessions very fun and wild for you two. It also amps up the mood. Rest assured, if you give her a good time, she’ll want to ask you for more. She might just even initiate the sexting!


Snapchat Nudes Success

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your single life, then it would be of best interest if you get on the platform as soon as possible. There are a lot of women on Snapchat secretly lusting for a good time through their phones. You just need the time and effort to fish for them. 

Be sure to remember our tips on how to get Snapchat nudes for definite success. With the right technique and execution, you’re bound to get your inbox pinging. Girls will want more from you!

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